e-learning center & live lectures to Iraqi Universities

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e-learning center & live lectures to Iraqi Universities

Post by Al-Wahedi » Tue Jan 31, 2006 1:04 am

Dear Society members:

The e-learing center in Canada delivered 25 lectures/workshops to Baghdad University (in different subjects) since November 2005.

The center started this week to offer live lectures to Kerbala and Babel universities. Moreover, Salahaddin and theyqar Universities will be joined early next month.

The center's target is to connect all Iraqi Universities together by April/May this year and at the same time they will connect them all with their e-Learning portal network.

Dr. Ala Almosawi, the director of the center, working now to building a database for Iraqi higher education Lecturers/specialists/consultants in all academic and industry fields. We highly encorage our members to participate at this Nobel project.

This initiative it needs serious and honest efforts to work together to help our country. (It needs Work NOT Talk)

Therefore, we are kindly asking all our members in 37 countries all over the world to participate in this Nobel project by sharing and delivering his/her experience to Iraqi higher education sector.

All participants names and lectures titles will be informed to Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research for future appreciation and award.

Please send the information below to Dr. Ala Almosawi at his address:
ala@e-education.ca with a copy to our society for our record.

Iraqi Society for Higher Education Abroad

Dear Colleague:

Ref: Live Lectures/Presentations to Iraqi University students program
We are working now to build the Iraqi higher education specialists staff database list that are willing to help Iraqi higher education students.
Please provide as with following info in order to add you to the staff database list.
1. Full Name:
2. E-mail:
3. Telephone numbers:
4. Education degree/ Title:
5. Area of Specialty:
6. Lectures/Courses interested to teach:
7. What Iraqi Departments / Colleges can benefit:
8. H. E. supervision area of interest:
9. Suitable time preferred for online lecturing:
10. Remarks:

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