Available positions-Cihan University/Sulaimanya-

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Available positions-Cihan University/Sulaimanya-

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Cihan University / Sulaimaniya

Cihan University / Sulaimaniya is an English language University (only Law in Arabic) in the city of Sulaimaniya / Kurdistan federal Region of Iraq. The university is appointing academics (Ph.D., MA and MSc holders) for the academic year 2014/2015 only at the following departments:

1. English Department
2. Law Department
3. Legal Administration Department
4. Accounting & information Technology Department
5. Business Administration Department
6. Accounting Department
7. Banking & Financial Science Department
8. Architecture Engineering Department
9. General Education Department (English, Computer & Social Science)
10. Computer Science Department

Automatically renewed yearly contracts (based on performance), free shared furnished university campus accommodations for one person, free yearly return air tickets, 14 months salaries paid per year subject to Quality & Proficiency, as following:

MSc/MA holders:

a. Assistant Lecture: 1,728,250 Iraqi Dinar per month
b. Lecturer: 1,989,250 Iraqi Dinar per month
c. Assistant Professor: 2,424,000 Iraqi Dinar per month
d. Professor: 3,119.750 Iraqi Dinar per month

Ph.D. holders:

a. Lecturer: 2,432,000 Iraqi Dinar per month
b. Assistant Professor: 3,001,250 Iraqi Dinar per month
c. Professor: 4,139.750 Iraqi Dinar per month

For Ph.D. holders: 20,000 ID will be added to the above salaries for every year of previous experience at an academic institute (up to 400,000ID).

For MSc. holders: 15,000 ID will be added to the above salaries for every year of previous experience at an academic institute (up up 225,000ID)

Kurdistan Region is in North Iraq and is a very safe area (UK, US, Turkey, France.. and many others ... consulates have office in Kurdistan), international air lines have many regular weekly flights to Kurdistan cities of Erbil and Sulaimaniya (Austrian, Turkish, Lufthansa, Jordanian, Qatar.. and other airlines). International companies have business, hotels, supermarkets, cars, oil companies, etc. in Kurdistan Region.

Please email your CV to cihan.uni.sulaimaniya@hotmail.com

For more information, please visit: http//www.cihanuni-sul.com/

Dr. Sherzad Al-Talabani
President-Cihan University / Sulaimaniya
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