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Oil and Gas Conference

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Dear Society members:

FYI please,

Dear Colleague

MENA Oil and Gas Conferences are annual events, regularly held by Target Exploration in the renowned academic atmosphere of the Imperial College of Science and Technology, and dedicated to disseminating upstream new developments and technical achievements with peers working in upstream petroleum industries of the Middle East and North Africa, as well European and American petroleum geoscientists, engineers of international oil companies.
As the upstream oil and gas industries of MENA countries didn’t evolve uniformly and focused on overlapping stratigraphic producing intervals; the pioneering upstream experiments and experiences of Oman can provide analogues to other Middle East and North African upstream industries when exploring, developing and producing:
Precambrian sourced Oil, Condensates and Gas in Phanerozoic Reservoirs.
Sub- and Intra-Upper Cambrian Salt Clastic and Carbonate Reservoirs.
Permian-Carboniferous Glacial and Fluvio-glacial Reservoirs.
Palaeozoic-Precambrian Tight Gas-condensates Reservoirs.
Clusters of Marginal Discoveries with Mature Oil and Gas Fields.
Heavy Oil Reservoirs by Gas- and Solar-generated Steam Injection.
Cretaceous and Pre-Cambrian Shale Oil and Gas.
MENA 2015 Oil & Gas Conference aims at presenting new developments in exploration, field’s development and production of MENA countries, with a number of sessions dedicated to the pioneering exploration, developed and producing oil and gas field analogues of Oman.
I invite you to participate and share your new development, research and achievements by presenting a paper or poster at the 10th Middle East and North Africa Oil & Gas Conference.
Looking forwards to your attendance and contributions at MENA 2015 Oil & Gas Conference.
Muhammad W. Ibrahim, PhD.
R&D Manager,
Target Exploration
Telephone (+44) 207 371 2240, Fax (+44) 207 371 2240, Mob (+44) 7719456882
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