Annual Agricultural Awards for Iraqi Researchers

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Annual Agricultural Awards for Iraqi Researchers

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Dear Society members:

We would like to have your kind attention to the announced below annual awards. Kindly forward this E-mail to your fiends in Iraq to apply for this agricultural award.

Best regards,

Iraqi Society for Higher Education Abroad



Agriculture and its resources has been a major contributor to the economy and welfare of Iraqi people. Iraq agriculture and other economic sectors have been drastically affected because of sanctions and the successive wars since 1991. These awards aim at helping Iraqi agricultural researchers to revitalize and improve the quality of agricultural research through adopting pressing and novel research projects.

Agricultural Development International, Inc. is pleased to announce the application for 2017 outstanding research paper awards in the field of Agriculture and Forestry in Iraq. The awards will honor an outstanding dissertation/thesis – based paper or any other published paper in a peer reviewed international or national Journals. The winners will be honored in a special event organized by the Agricultural Development International, Inc. in Iraq.

Criteria for submission:
A dissertation/thesis-based paper (either single or multiple authors) published in the year of 2016
A non-dissertation/thesis paper (either single or multiple authors) published in the year of 2016.
The paper was published in a peer reviewed international or national Journals.
The paper makes a significant original and practical contribution in solving agricultural problem in Iraq and suggests further research in agriculture or forestry.
The research was conducted in Iraq.
The paper was published in 2016.
The application for the award should be submitted by the correspondent author.

Submission is open on April 15, 2017
The Deadline for submission is August 31, 2017
To apply submit the published paper in a Portable Document Form (PDF) to International Agricultural Development, Inc. address at: , include with the submission the E-mail address of the applicant(s)

A team of Agricultural experts from US and Iraq will evaluate the papers.
The winning papers will be notified during October 2017.
A special event for receiving the awards will be announced later.
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